Infinte Pilates Studio Infinte Pilates Studio

Infinite Pilates Studio located in East Delray

takes Pilates to a whole new level.

Introductory Special



(First time client only)



(Must have previous Pilates experience)

Classical to contemporary, restorative to rigorous.
Awareness is the foundation for everything we do.

That is why our class sizes are small, our instructors are highly educated, not to mention passionate about what they are bringing to you each day. Because of our boutique size and approach our instructors are able to cater to each persons needs. Learning about your body, not just using it, will allow you to do more of what you love in and out of the studio.

Intro Special

Perfect for new clients who have no previous experience and want to transition into group classes. Package includes 3 private sessions and 1 group class. Private sessions will give you the necessary foundation for a successful Pilates journey!


Private Sessions

One-on-one sessions give you a personalized workout tailored to your needs and goals. For group class students, mixing private sessions with your class practice will not only improve your form but will also help you get the most out of your classes. 



All the benefits of a private Pilates session but with the motivation that comes from working with a partner. We recommend taking this class with a friend that has the same level of experience that you do and someone that will push you further.


Group Classes

Strengthen, lengthen, and move your body in a positive and welcoming atmosphere. Our class sizes are small, 7 clients max. Every class is carefully crafted and unique. You will love the way you feel and be inspired to come back for more!


What Our Clients Are Saying

“I was welcomed to Infinite Pilates by Ginny the owner. Felt at home right away. The minute I met Laura and started working with her, I knew that she was fabulous! I didn’t hurt after my workout and she was watching my form and correcting me every step of the way. The facility is so clean! Infinite, please come to NJ!”

Sandy P.

“Pilates is great for strengthening and getting in shape, but it is also a highly effective therapy for injury rehabilitation. I was limping for over a week with a very painful knee. I couldn’t put any weight on that leg. Only 3 sessions on the reformer, with Amalia’s expert instruction, and I was walking normally with no pain! It’s really amazing!”

Nori B.

“Ginny is very experienced and has her finger on the pulse of the Pilates “movement” as well as the culture… the zen like feel of the studio is refreshing and positive. Run don’t walk to Infinite…”

Robert W.

“Best Pilates in South Florida. Teachers are knowledgeable, professional and create a wonderful experience for clients. Studio is clean and welcoming. Highly recommended for anyone looking to get fit, toned and more connected to their bodies.”

Devon B.

“Infinite Pilates is the best pilates studio I have ever trained in. And, I have been in many throughout New York City and the Hamptons! Stronger and healthier when working out at Infinite than anywhere else!”

Carol B.

“Absolutely stunning space and one of the best Pilates instructors I have ever had. 6 star recommendation!”

Julia V.