Infinite Pilates Studio was born of the idea that the conscious nature of movement in Pilates could be infused into any and all movement.

In practice, this body awareness aids in safer higher intensity exercise and richer, more effective restorative exercise. It is a conditioning philosophy that focuses on breath and intention and its impact on the body and mind. Onto this we layer in the needs and goals of the individual, creating a customized, holistic, results driven experience for our clients.

The Owner

Ginny had been practicing Pilates for over 10 years and during that time, she realized the incredible benefits and its concrete method of focused movement. She decided to pursue her instructor certification studying under Amalia Maria – through the Balanced Body Method – in the Summer of 2017.

Coming from years in a high level corporate background, Ginny needed a change in her life. Her passion of Pilates combined with her compassion for people, more importantly the Infinite Family, began to sparkle more than the fancy bags and shoes of her corporate fashion director position She decided to trade in her high heels for flip flops and put her business experience to work and continue to grow and strengthen Infinite. She exudes a love for Pilates, fitness and health and loves nothing more than helping others become healthy and strong.