Amalia Maria has been a practitioner of the healing and strengthening arts for 10 years. Her interest and knowledge started at home as a child. Family traditions centered around clean, whole foods, as well as physical and spiritual fitness, seeded a deep passion for, and intuitive understanding of, the body and it´s roll in overall longevity, happiness and well being.

Amalia’s pilates background started at Pilates Chicago in 2002. Her certification boasts a heavy focus on anatomy and classical repertoire, as well as a variety of progressive and contemporary applications. That approach, as well as continuous education and discovery, gives Amalia an understanding of the body that allows her to personalize her approach from challenging, athletic, functional movement based fitness to a physical therapy style of movement. All in the mindset of “conscious conditioning.”

Amalia has always practiced and integrated into her teaching various other forms of fitness, especially yoga. She eventually became an instructor of Dao Yin Yoga as she saw a deep need in so many for the practice. Among others, she has been blessed to study with Grand Master Mantak Chia (the foremost living Dao master in the world). Her approach in Yin is one based in anatomical awareness and facia release as well meditative and breath work practices.

Always with a thirst for knowledge, Amalia seeks continued education of all kinds. Thai yoga massage, modern and ancient forms or breath work and meditation, the newest and most classical approaches in pilates and yoga… Not to mention a personal passion from everything from Crossfit to triathlon. All so that she may continue to inspire, challenge, inform, relax and relieve. This is her true purpose and passion.