Pilates is a form of exercise developed by a man named Joseph Pilates. He named the method Contrology; A practice focused on developing the mind-body connection. It is a mindful movement system utilizing specialized machines to provide feedback, support and challenge to the body as needed. It’s purpose is to develop an understanding of the body and how it works most efficiently. Pilates purpose is to strengthen all movements by connecting to a powerful core.

It is not based on the movement itself, but instead, on a specific desired muscular engagement, relaxation and/or release. Movement isn’t for movement sake but in order to create a specific outcome. So, we judge the movement as positive or negative based on somatic experience (how it feels… what is working and what isn’t). Pilates also lengthens muscles, rather than shortens them, to create strength. This enables more fluid movement and much more support for joints which is why it is so beneficial for rehabilitating and preventing injury. It utilizes all ranges of motion available in the body so that what was once awkward or disconnected, becomes available and strong!

Pilates can challenge the most athletic person and care for the most injured. It’s inception was, in fact, a form of physical therapy. The machines were originated from hospital beds with springs attached…to rehabilitate the injured and ill. It then became the famous ‘go to’ form of fitness for New York dancers. It has now become an integral part of every serious athletes training as well as being a ‘go to’ prescription for people after injury, surgery etc.

Pilates will help you understand your body better. Pilates develops core strength in a way that absolutely nothing else does due to that deepened understanding of the body as well as specific repertoire designed to encourage all movements from the center. It is fantastic for pain relief, stress relief, as well as the satisfaction of a challenging, mindful, functional, varied and fun workout!

Our clientele is literally from eight years old to in their 90’s. People come in on crutches, as well as right before or after their pro football practice. There is almost no contraindication for Pilates when taught in a Private session, by a knowledgeable instructor.

Unlike most exercise, you could do Pilates every day and not feel too sore to do it the next day. If it is your only or primary form of exercise, we recommend three times a week or more. We have many dedicated people who come in five days a week. But also one or two times a week as a supplemental, cross-training benefit to the body is fantastic! You begin to feel a difference in the body after one or two sessions…after 10 sessions you will begin to see it. Talk to anyone who has a dedicated practice…their posture, longevity, performance, lean muscle tone, and overall well-being would not be close to what it is without it.

Pilates is there for you to facilitate all other things you love. It aids in flexibility and corrects imbalances that come from most any other form of exercise. It helps to connect a flexible Yogi or Dancer in order to not strain the joints. It helps to open the Crossfitter, football player, triathlete, or even those who are tight from walking regularly. It helps to create higher performance and mitigate negative side effects of all other forms of movement. And is also a fantastic primary form of exercise for those who are passionate about Pilates!

We believe there is value in all Pilates philosophies. Our studio boasts instructors who have classical and contemporary training, as well as continuing education in other forms of functional movement and personal training. We have a team that is ready for anything and could satisfy the most discerning client.

We keep our classes very interesting! Though the classical repertoire is very present, contemporary applications, modifications, props and even new forms of Pilates equipment are utilized in our classes. Keeping the classes varied, accessible, challenging, athletic, safe and most importantly fun, is something we pride ourselves on! No matter how long you have been coming to our studio or doing Pilates in general, you will always encounter something new at Infinite.

• Arrive on Time
Out of respect for teachers and clients, classes will close 5 minutes after start time. Tardiness will be considered a late cancel.

• 24 Hour Cancellation Policy for Appointments

• 12 Hour Cancellation Policy for Classes

• Silence your Cell Phones and Keep Chatter to a Minimum

• All Sessions must be Pre-Paid

• Please Refrain from Wearing Strong Lotions and Perfumes

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