After a career in Investment Banking, Sarah stayed home to raise three boys, and in 1992, discovered Pilates for her own personal workout routine. Her enthusiasm grew as she found that Pilates was more than a workout; it’s a way of moving effectively and efficiently. Sarah became Certified in Pilates at the Physical Mind Institute in 2008 and in 2013 she also became comprehensively certified by Balanced Body. In 2014 Sarah was licensed and certified in the “Pilates for Buff Bones” Bone Health and movement program. Sarah maintains her professional practice at Infinite Conscious Conditioning, in Delray Beach Florida. She is passionate about sharing her love of mindful movement as expressed through healthy movement principles. She has connected deeply with Pilates as a mechanism for that practice. One of the more rewarding aspects of Sarah’s practice is to help clients find their own awareness of their body, its alignment and how to be the most active they can be at any age! She also finds her greatest enjoyment when she combines her two favorite activities: Pilates and Travel as an instructor for Leave it to Barcelona as well as Escape to Shape.

My favorite moments are when a new client has the profound sense of success in regards to their ability to be active again. Pilates has been shown to be effective for people with neck pain as well as lower back pain. Not only have my clients found relief but they also have become substantially more active as the mind-body work of Pilates changes the way they stand, sit and move. The self-confidence that comes along with increased movement is amazing! But of course, there is also a fabulous payoff for young people to begin to set healthy movement patterns at a young age. We all can benefit from the stress reduction that healthy conscious movement can bring.