“Visiting Delray from NJ and prior to coming to Florida, I did my online research. Even though I take pilates in NJ every week in a small group setting, I decided to do one on one in Florida. I was welcomed to Infinite Pilates by Ginny the owner. Felt at home right away. I mentioned that I need a very good instructor since I have issues with my hips and knees. Although Ginny told me that all her trainers are very well educated, she thought Laura would be a good match. The minute I met Laura and started working with her, I knew that she was fabulous! I didn’t hurt after my workout and she was watching my form and correcting me every step of the way. I look forward to the rest of my sessions with Laura while I’m in Delray. Bonus point, the facility is so clean and you can see them wiping down the equipment after each use! Infinite, please come to NJ!!!”
- Sandy P.
“I won a private lesson here and it was awesome! Great place and Ginny is so sweet!”
- Jamie B.
“Love this studio and the instructors. My go to studio!”
- Michelle G.
“Very knowledgeable teachers with fun classes.”
- Szilvia L.
“Friendly atmosphere, great instructors, Lots of classes to choose from, convenient location”
- Ronnie C.
“Best studio in town! All instructors are equally great & knowledgeable. Many different class types that fit your workout preference.”
- Candince L.
“Ginny is very experienced and has her finger on the pulse of the Pilates “movement” as well as the culture… the zen like feel of the studio is refreshing and positive. Run don’t walk to Infinite…”
- Robert W.
“Pilates is great for strengthening and getting in shape, but it is also a highly effective therapy for injury rehabilitation..I was limping for over a week with a very painful knee. I couldn’t put any weight on that leg, so the last thing I thought I should do was put pressure on it and work it out…Wrong .. only 3 sessions on the reformer, with Amalia’s expert instruction of course, and I was walking normally with no pain! That was over two months ago and I’m fine:)) It’s really amazing!”
- Nori B.
“The space is gorgeous. All equipment is clean and new. Fantastic studio with a wonderful energy. The studio owner, Amalia, is unbelievable. Extremely knowledgeable of the human body and shares her Pilates practice in a genuine, heartfelt way. She introduced me to Pilates and I am in love! Highly recommend this studio for all ages and all levels of expertise.”
- Alissa H.
“Absolutely stunning space and one of the best Pilates instructors I have ever had. 6 star recommendation!”
- Julia V.
“Infinite Conscious Conditioning is the best pilates studio I have ever trained in. And, I have been in many throughout New York City and the Hamptons! Stronger and healthier when working out at Infinite than anywhere else!”
- Carol B.
“Always feel good when I go to pilates. The studio is great and all the instructors are perfection. Love it.”
- Carol S.
“Best Pilates in South Florida. Teachers are knowledgeable, professional and create a wonderful experience for clients. Studio is clean and welcoming. Highly recommended for anyone looking to get fit, toned and more connected to their bodies.”
- Devin B.